I'm Ashley!

As a lover of the outdoors, I'm obsessed with taking photos at the top of mountain peaks, alongside roaring waterfalls, on lush, green forest hikes, walking along the coast during sunset, and everything in between. I am committed to finding you the adventure that best fits your needs, all while capturing fleeting moments that will now be locked in time for you and your loved one to enjoy forever. There is nothing better than looking at a photo and instantly being brought back to how you felt in that moment -- and that's exactly what I'm here to do for you.

I've been blessed to have traveled all throughout our amazing country -- from exploring through 2,000 year old hollow lava tubes in Oregon, soaring above the Great Smoky Mountains with a birds eye view via zip line, and even walking alongside snorting buffalo and bubbling geysers in beautiful Yellowstone, I am confident that I can make your dream of an adventure session come to life with epic locations curated just for you. I have the experience and the knowhow to plan your wedding, elopement or adventure session to perfection, and am excited to be able to capture the moments between the two of you as they unfold.

New Jersey Wedding  and Engagement Photographer

What is

Five Pines Photography?

When I started this business, I needed the name to not only relate to nature and the outdoors, but also hold importance within my life. As a very family-oriented person and the oldest of five daughters, I needed my business name to relate to that aspect of my life while also tying in the place which I call home. Since early childhood, I have lived in the beautiful Pine Barrens of New Jersey. And while the name may be deceiving, the Pine Barrens is anything but bare. From cranberry bogs to hiking trails and historic villages, the Pine Barrens has a little bit of everything. So, after much thought and many names tossed around, the only one that finally made the cut was Five Pines.

I'm here to capture your favorite moments that you never want to forget.

I specialize in documenting personal moments between you + your loved one while capturing all of the true, raw emotions during our session. Building a genuine, honest connection with you and all of my clients is something I crave - the incredible moments I am lucky enough to share with you is the driving force behind my motivation to give you the best I can possibly offer. I cherish love, laughs, and making unforgettable memories during session, as well as delivering the highest quality of photography. Everyone deserves stunning photos, but I want you to have the best time of your life while creating them, too.

The Experience

New Jersey Wedding  and Engagement Photographer

01. Why Choose Me?

It's not just about taking pictures, but rather the experience that makes the photos magical. I want to exceed your highest expectations of telling your love story and create something you'll never stop reminiscing on.

Let's document your unique story
New Jersey Wedding  and Engagement Photographer

02. More Than Just Pretty Photos

Some of my most cherished memories were made in the outdoors, and I am so excited to work with others who love to adventure just as much as me. I create down-to-earth imagery and bring out moody, natural tones from nature for unconventional lovers.

Let's go explore
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03. Create

I pride myself in cultivating a gallery that is uniquely and authentically you. Creating a meaningful experience, celebrating your love, all while capturing photos in epic locations is something I strive for.

Let's Bring it to life